Through my 29 years of life, my parents have instilled values which have the greatest impact on my life. My father has shown sacrifice, loyalty, and commitment as a husband and father of four children for nearly 40 years. My father, passed down a quote from my grandfather, “If you are going to be a garbage man, be the BEST garbage man”. My father added, “Whatever you decide to do (in life), do it the best that you can. My father also instilled the value of pride into my life. “Take pride in your work and do a good job”, he says. My father has been a living example of honesty and integrity. You will never find a better friend than my father, respected by all those encountered. At 57, my dad has committed himself with the utmost dedication and loyalty to his career at Kroger. At 17 my father began his lifelong journey with the company as a bagger. My father, my hero, has been my rock when I needed strength and a soft place to fall in hard times when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I can always count on my father when times get tough.

~Wendy Pifer